My Ex has a Lawyer and I Don’t

Stressed businessman in the office. What do I do if my ex has a lawyer and I don’t? This blog explores this question. Like all of our blogs, this blog is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice and counsel of a...

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Mental Health and Child Custody

Mental health and child custody - Often concerns for someone’s physical health are natural, expected and people don’t think twice about talking about any illnesses and or injuries they may have.  Mental health unfortunately carries a different stigma and people...

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Discovery Requests in Family Law Cases

Discovery requests in Family Law cases - Family law cases often take a long time to resolve and there tend to be a lot of steps involved.  The length of this process depends on a long of things included but not limited to the following: What area of family law is...

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Should I Call the Police?

Many people want to call the police to resolve family law issues (particularly, child custody disputes). Unless there is a violation of criminal law, you should not call the police. Even if you do call the police, absent a violation of criminal law, they will not get...

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What is a Divorce Decree?

Divorce decree – There are exuberant amounts of steps that take place during the process of a divorce in North Carolina. So much so, that we cannot explain all those steps in one blog. By clicking here, you can read an overview of the divorce process. The purpose of...

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Adoption of an Adult

Adoption of an adult – Not every adoption involves a minor child. Many people wonder if it’s possible to adopt an adult. The answer to this is yes. The adoption of a minor child and/or adult are considered family law matters. In this blog we will be assisting in...

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