Negotiating a Consent Order

Negotiating a Consent Order – Family law matters can be frustrating for all parties involved due to the intricate and technical steps needed to progress through the process. Whenever we consult with a client, we typically make sure they’re aware of the different ways...

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Can Relatives Get Married in NC?

Can relatives get married in North Carolina? This seems like an odd question, and something that most people probably don’t spend much time thinking about. However, the answer is yes, relatives can get married in North Carolina. This blog provides some context for...

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Why Annulments are so Rare

Why annulments are so rare - Sometimes in social settings we are asked a wide variety of legal questions that make us realize that a lot of people get a large portion of their legal information from watching television.  Sometimes they are TV dramas that are...

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The Ramifications of a Family Law Trial

Being in the middle of a family law case (which may include a trial) is one of the most stressful things that some people will go through in their lives. Unfortunately, things can always get worse. It can get worse because it can end badly if the parties cannot come...

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Adultery and Family Law

Adultery may have an impact on certain family law issues and it has zero impact on others. This blog discusses adultery in the family law context and answers some of the most frequently asked family law questions regarding adultery in North Carolina. Can I sue my...

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