Discovery in Family Law Cases

Discovery in NC Family Law Cases - We have written many blogs about the fact that there are usually one of two ways in which a family law case ends: 1) Through an arrangement formed by consent of the parties, or 2) After a judge decides, at the end of a trial. ...

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Amicable Family Law Cases

While amicable family law cases tend to be rare, they do exist and it is possible to handle family law matters amicably. Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, and Equitable Distribution can be very stressful and very contentious. It does not always have to...

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Terminating your Family Law Case

When someone is in a situation where they need to hire a family law attorney, it is usually tied to very emotionally difficult event.  As such, people are often torn about whether or not they want to go through with certain actions such as divorce or child...

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Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Hiring a family law attorney or representing yourself as a pro se litigant is a difficult decision for many. You have the right to handle any legal matter yourself, but that is not necessarily always a good idea.  There’s an old saying that you get what you pay...

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Starting a Family Law Action

Starting a family law action can be complicated. The need for a family law attorney almost never signals good news.  Often, it comes at the end of a pretty serious relationship and involves a significant change in someone’s life.  We often get calls from...

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