Can I Move with My Child? (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the blog “Can I Move with My Child?” Part 1 of blog [can be read here. Should I move first and then try to modify custody or should I try to modify custody before I move? This is another “it depends” scenario.  This time, however, it depends on...

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Can I Move with My Child? (Part 1)

Can I move with my child? - Child custody cases can be very stressful for the parents that are involved.  One of the problems is after the initial child custody order, that is rarely the end of things.  This is because life happens.  Children go through...

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Child Custody Trial

Child custody trial - Child custody cases can be frustrating, time consuming and stressful.  The court procedures can be very complicated for someone who is not trained to deal with it on a regular basis. There are few things in a person’s life that will require...

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Is Drug Use a Bar to Custody?

Drug use, alcohol use, addition, and child custody – can a parent who uses drugs get custody of the child? Parents in the thick of a child custody proceeding are no doubt concerned about the well-being of their child. Usually, they want what is best for the children....

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Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorneys practice family law.  What does that mean? Family law is the area of law that focuses on domestic relationships and the legal issues that come up in that regard.  In this blog, we will talk in some detail about what that means. This blog...

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