What is a child support calculator? Just like every other state in our country, in North Carolina, parents are legally responsible for the financial support of minor children. Every state has its own approach on how it calculates the amount of child support. The purpose of this entry is to discuss child support calculators and how they may be a helpful resource for an individual seeking to get an idea of what kind of child supportthey would have to pay.

What is a Child Support Calculator?

As the name implies, a child support calculator assists individuals with determining how much a monthly child support payment might be. The child support calculator will ask the individual for certain information, like:

  • How many children they have;
  • The incomes of both parents;
  • How much are they paying for any existing child support order;
  • How much are they paying for insurance;
  • What other extraordinary expenses are they responsible for regarding the child.

Is the Calculator Precise?

Keep in mind that child support calculators are only to be used for informational purposes only. The numbers that are generated by the calculator should only represent a general expectation and not necessarily a precise amount, since state guidelines could change, and tax implications are not necessarily considered in the calculation.

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