Child Support in North CarolinaChild Support in North Carolina

In the state of North Carolina, like every other state in our country, parents are legally responsible for the financial support of minor children. Unless some very specific exceptions are present, this is this case.  Typically, North Carolina follows what is known as the “income shares model”, where both parents are presumed to have some a proportional responsibility with regard to the cost of raising a child.

In this Blog we will give a very general overview of how child support is determined.  You should contact a family lawyer who handles child support if you want more detailed information.

Factors in determining the amount of child support to be paid.

  • Income of both parents
  • Who pays the cost of health insurance for the minor child
  • Who pays for child care/daycare
  • How much time the child spends with each parent
  • Number of minor children the parent is responsible for supporting

We will look at these factors and more detail and try to give a general overview of what to expect in a child support proceeding.

Income of both parents

The state of North Carolina looks at the combined income of both parents and uses that total dollar amount to determine what the total child support should be for that child.  The Courts then attempt to determine what proportion of that cost goes to each parent on a percentage basis.  So, if the combined income of the parents is $100,000; the father makes $70,000 and the mother makes $30,000 the father would be responsible for 70 Percent of the costs and the mother would be responsible for 30 percent of the costs respectively.  This however is just one of the several factors.

Who pays the cost of health insurance?

The parent who is responsible for providing child health insurance for the child gets a credit for the amount that he or she spends monthly on the cost of that health insurance.

What pays for child care

The parent who pays for any daycare gets a credit for the amount that he or she spends month on the cost of that daycare.

How much time the child spends with each parent

A large factor contributing to the amount of child support that must be paid is how many overnight stays the child has with each parent.  Typically, the more overnight stays that take place during a calendar year, the less money that that parent has to pay in child support.

Typically, the parent who has primary custody of child receives child support, and the other parent pays it.

Number of minor children the parent is responsible for supporting.

Simply, North Carolina courts understand that parents have a finite amount of funds, therefore considerations are made for parents who have more than one child that they have to financially support.

Termination of Child Support

To learn about termination of child support in North Carolina, click here.

Child support actions can be very complicated and difficult to navigate through.  If you plan to start a child support action or one has been started against you, you should probably hire a family law attorney.  At Gilles Law, we handle Child Custody and other family law matters. Contact us for more information.



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