It’s summer! Time for summertime activities, summer camp, and vacations. Co-parenting can bring a unique set of circumstances to the table as it relates to how summer activities and parenting time are handled. This blog seeks to provide some insight into the unique challenges of co-parenting in the summer.

Custodial time – who gets the child during the child’s summer vacation?

If the parties have a child custody order, that order typically provides specifics regarding how time is custodial time is split during the summer. Many orders specify the number of weeks that each parent gets and allow for the parents to decide how and when this time is split. Some orders dictate a mechanism for parents to request dates in which they wish to exercise their parenting time. The answer to this question really depends on the specifics of the child custody order.

Summer activities – who gets to decide?

There a variety of summer activities that children may become involved in during the summer. How do parents decide which activities a child will partake in?

Typically, the parent who is exercising physical custody gets to decide what the child does during that custodial time. This would generally include which activities to place the child in during that time. A parent who has legal custody is entitled to make big life decisions for the child, regardless of which parent is exercising their parenting time. Such big decisions include items such as school and religion. Summer camp and other such activities do not fall into this category.

Sometimes, a custody order will allow for each parent to select a set number of extra-curricular activities. You really need to be familiar with the specific language of your child custody order.

Summer camp/summer activities – who must pay?

Generally, when there is a custody order, the order will usually require parents to split certain costs related to the child’s expenses. Typically, parents are only requirement to split the costs of extra-curricular activities that both parents agree upon.

Of course, please note that different child custody orders can have different specifications.

Vacations – Can I take my child out of town?

Unless otherwise specified or prohibited, custody orders generally allow for parents to engage in reasonable travel with the children during that parent’s custodial time. Typically, there is an advance notice requirement in which the parent must give the other parent notice of the trip. Sometimes, parties are required to agree to such matters. Again, it really depends upon the specifics of your child custody order.

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