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Family law attorneys practice family law.  What does that mean? Family law is the area of law that focuses on domestic relationships and the legal issues that come up in that regard.  In this blog, we will talk in some detail about what that means.

This blog is meant to provide a general overview. Family law tends to be very complicated, so this blog should provide some general guidance only. This is no substitute for an actual consultation with a family law attorney. 

Some Categories of family law


Alimony/Post separation support

Separation agreements

Equitable distribution

Child Custody

Child Support

Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial agreements


What does a family law attorney do?

A family law attorney’s job can vary greatly. Attorneys can provide anything from a one-time consultation up to representation at every hearing and at an ultimate trial. Or, the attorney can provide services between the two. It all depends on what your goals are, what your issues are, and how you want to allocate your resources.

Some of the things that a family law attorney may do throughout the course of representation include:

  • Providing advice and counsel regarding your case
  • Drafting and filing complaints, answers, counterclaims, etc.
  • Drafting and filing motions
  • Responding to motions
  • Drafting and filing final court orders
  • Representing you at hearings for motions or other court dates
  • Trial preparation
  • Strategizing a course of action
  • Talking to opposing counsel or an opposing party
  • Being present during private mediation
  • Negotiating with opposing party

What decisions do family law attorneys make?

Actually, you are the one that gets to make all major decisions with regard to the objectives of your case. While a family law attorney will certain strategy decisions and will steer the course of representation to an extent, what you ultimately wish to do in your case will be up to you. Whether you want to go to trial or settle via consent order, for example, is up to you. Whether you want to file an action for child support or just file an action for child custody will be up to you. Whether you choose to abide by the terms of your court order or not is also up to you.

In fact, it is the parties, not the attorneys that have the power to make a particular family law dispute contentious or amicable. How you decide to respond to the other party and what objectives you wish to advance are up to you. Although it may not feel like it, you actually have a lot of power over your own case and your future.   

How much does a family law attorney charge?

This can vary greatly. Typically, a family law lawyer bills at an hourly rate. For more information on billing in family law, click here.

Do family law attorneys provide free consultations?

No, not usually. Most family law lawyers, including Gilles Law, do not offer free consultations. We do however, credit the amount that you pay during your consultation toward the total cost of representation. Meaning that, if you hired us, the money that you paid during your initial consultation would be taken off the balance due.

If think you might benefit from a family law consultation or family law services, feel free to contact us.

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