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Parent coordinators play an important role in some family law cases. Family law cases tend to get very contentious, especially when it comes to Child Custody matters. Parents have the tendency to disagree about things, and at some point, a third party may get involved to helps things happen more smoothly. This third party is sometimes a parent coordinator. Keep in mind, the judge is another third party but that is not what we are referring to in this blog.  There is also mandatory mediation in child custody cases which is done by a third party, but we are not referring to that either.

In this blog, we will discuss parent coordinators in family law matters.  We will discuss who they are and what they do.  Like all of our blogs however, this is intended for informational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for the advice and counsel of a family law attorney.

What is a parent coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is a trained third party mediator of sorts that helps with highly contentious child custody cases. Their focus is on the child and how to get things done in the best interest of that child.

Typically, a parent coordinator is assigned after the judge signs a custody order. They help deal with issues surrounding that order and help things run as smoothly as possible.  However, there are times when a parenting coordinator gets involved prior to the completion of the child custody case as well.

What is the role of the parent coordinator?

Parenting coordinators help parents by teaching them how to make decisions together and by attempting to eliminate as much conflict as possible. In their role, they reduce the number of hearings needed in court, reduce the frequency of temporary parenting arrangement hearings in some cases, and assist in moving along the family court dockets by getting a lot of the situations resolved that might otherwise have gone before a judge.

Additionally, they can save you money but taking on some of the burdens that your family law attorney would have taken on, thus sometimes lowering the billable hours of that attorney.

When would I need a parent coordinator?

Most child custody cases do not involve parent coordinators.  They are typically needed when the parents simply cannot agree on many things.  When there two parents that cannot agree on small items, and their arguments about those things become constant, that is when a parent coordinator is considered.

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