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This blog explores why we practice family law. There are endless areas of law. Given how technology and the world changes, it seems like new areas of law are developing on an almost monthly basis.  With very few exceptions (such as patent law), once someone passes the bar exam and is eligible to practice law, that person can choose any area of law which interests them. With that being said, why family law?  It is an excellent question that we get all the time.

In this blog, we will try to explain why we practice family law.  Like all of our blogs, this is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice and counsel of a family law attorney.  In fact, this blog does not provide any information on procedures, strategies, or policies…we just thought it would be an interesting topic.

What is family law?

Family law is the area of civil law that governs domestic relationships. Usually it comes in to play when a relationship is ending, a new relationship is forming, or and new member is being added to family.  Below are just some of the examples of what we mean by that:

Legal issues regarding the ending of a marriage:

Legal issues regarding the ending of a relationship involving children:

Legal issues regarding the forming of a marriage or adding to the family

Family law is able to help families

In family law cases, though the parents are bearing the most stress, financial burden, and effort at the outset, in the long-term, it is typically the children that are most affected.  The way a family law attorney can help with that is by helping make the situation as positive as possible. This is just some of the ways that this is accomplished:

How family law cases help children

  • Making sure the child is provided for financially by handling the child support case
  • Making sure the child gets to see both parents (if it is safe) in the most fair and equitable way possible, given the fitness of both parents.

Adults bare burdens as well that have nothing to do with children. Not every relationship that comes to family court involves children, and there are serious consequences surrounding the ending of a relationship.  We help with that as well, and here are just some of the ways:

How family law cases help adults

  • By making sure joint property is properly accounted for and is separated fairly. This will often include the residence that the parties lived in prior to separating.
  • By making sure that if there is a dependent spouse, that person is provided for financially in order to be able to adequately move forward in life.
  • By making sure that victims of domestic abuse, are protected by the law as best as possible.

Being there at a time of need

Often, when we get a call from a potential client, they are in a very bad place emotionally and mentally.  By choosing family law, we have chosen to help and be there for people through these dark times. Most people do not enter a relationship with the intention of it ending badly, but sometimes that is just life. 

If you are in need of a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas, contact us.

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